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With Jodi Serota

Thursday September 24th 2018    
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Come join us as we discuss and re-create an ancient ritual from the heart of Africa handed down by Shamans, Curanderos and Medicine People, which actually reverses the effects of the passage of time on the physical body.
There is only "one night" of the year (the Night of the Full Harvest Moon) during which the energies of the Moon and Earth meet in such a way that Physical Youthing can occur. Join us in this Sacred Ceremony for turning back the clock of aging and becoming young again. In addition, you'll experience a channeled transmission of vibrational sound to clear limiting thought forms, perceptions, beliefs and expectations that contribute to the degeneration of the body through the aging process.
Experience the past, present and future simultaneously, and receive an alignment of the Divine Presence & the Physical Body that will assist in rejuvenating, healing and "youthing" your entire system. All are welcome!
Price: $27 paid in advance via Eventbrite, or $33 cash only at door. (Non Refundable). 

You can also pre-register and pay in advance by calling 212-736-0999. 
Doors open at 6:00pm for registration.

Location: The National Opera Center - Opera America, 330 Seventh Avenue, 7th Fl, NYC, NY (between. 28th St & 29th St).