​Opportunity for:  • Personal Guidance    • Spiritual Initiations   • Healing & Change

Vibrational Sound & Light Language Healing: In addition, if appropriate, you'll experience vocal sound & light language infusions along with crystal bowl frequencies, for healing and deep levels of clearing, along with awakening innate Personal Divine Codes through sound activations or initiations. You can specifically request Personal Sound Ceremonies if you feel guided. Jodi's guides will bring through what is most appropriate for calibrating your system for next levels of healing, growth & evolution.

You’ll be regenerated & rejuvenated bringing you back to your original blueprint of stability, strength, wellness, wisdom and inner & outer peace. You’ll receive powerful clearings of energetic charges initiated from limiting thought-forms, perceptions or belief systems passed down or impressed upon you from all times, space & dimensions.  These deep healings also shift what has been non productive and impressed upon you from your lineage, generations & ancestries, passed down throughout the ages. Amazing shifts occur for thriving and participating more fully in your life, with greater ease and for tangible manifestations of all you desire for your highest good. 

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In Person, by Phone or Skype sessions.

1 hr Session $190
90 minute Session $250

Appointment only. 48hr. Cancellation Policy or you're responsible for the full fee. MC, Visa, Discover Cards, Checks & Cash accepted (all non-refundable).

To schedule your session, please complete the Form, call 212 736 0999 or email: info@metacenterny.com

Please state your requested time and if your session will be person (NYC location) or via Phone/Skype.

Sessions Monday-Friday only. First appointment: 12.00 Noon EST.

Channeled Akashic Record Readings 
Including Vibrational Sound & Light Language 

with Jodi Serota & Her Guides


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The Akashic Records: An etheric inventory, library or vibrational record kept of all of your soul's experiences throughout all lifetimes, dimensions & eternity.
Jodi's Channeled Reading: A Transmission of Information specifically to assist you in making the appropriate changes for forward movement, catalyzing higher levels of consciousness, accelerated healing, & heightened perceptions of awareness.
As she enters into a deep meditation, into a semi trance-like state, pertinent information from her guides comes through to assist you in shifting outstanding issues, healing on all levels, personal growth, transformation and anchoring in your full Divine Presence for greater manifestation and fullness of life. 
You'll be given in depth guidance for whatever your soul wants you to know consciously at this time, to complete, heal, transmute or just know. This information assists you in making appropriate changes for living life from a higher conscious perspective moving forward with greater ease, mastery & clarity. This helps you to know & express your innate gifts more easily.

Spiritual Initiations: These Sessions are also for awakening your consciousness. Throughout all time, we've been given opportunities or spiritual tests assisting us in our evolution, bringing us to higher levels of mastery. Passing Initiations are designed to move us towards next levels of consciousness similar to what Masters on the Earth such as Buddha, Christ, Krishna, etc..., all had to go through. It's now our time to step up as Initiates of Light & Love, carrying forth our Divine Mastery.