Jodi Serota's line of products are tools that have been created through channeling and they are designed to assist and activate consciousness-raising and healing. They work on your whole system simultaneously. As you work with these tools, whether audio, visual or a combination of both, your senses are heightened and stimulated, your consciousness is expanded and your ability to heal on all levels is accelerated.

Enjoy your healing journey with these creative products!

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The Intuitive Self CD

Assists in heightening spiritual and physical focus. Helps with tangible manifestation, prosperity, abundance and intuition


Inner Family Reunion CD

With this CD, you can feel present, deserving, recognized, worthy, integrated and loved, while connecting to all parts of yourself.


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Color Sound CD

This CD assists in anchoring spirit into the physical while simultaneously healing and awakening the heart center. Awakens all sensory perceptions through the vibration of color, sound and light frequencies. Integrates the etheric and physical selves through the heart center (love). For fuller commitment, responsibility and manifestation.



Vibrational Healing Cards (Set of 12)​​


The Sounds of Healing CD

With this CD, you can hold any intention each time you listen, and experience instantaneous shifts all the way into the dna levels of consciousness. Use this cd consistantly for: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Connect to the archangels for messages and assistance. helps to remember your angelic self.


Healing the Heart of the World Book

Healing the Heart of the World is a volume assembled and co-authored by over forty celebrated writers, thinkers and world figures. The book sets out to prove that our individual actions can make a huge difference in the global picture in every way. Along with writing by JODI SEROTA, there are chapters contributed by John Gray, Caroline Myss, Joan Borysenko, George Leonard Naomi Judd, Bruce Lipton, Prince Charles, Fritjof Capra, Dean Ornish, Barbara De Angelis and Masaru Emoto.


Channeled Art

By commission. Channeled for your specific purpose to promote and assist in healing and consciousness raising as well as personal expansion, transformation and change

Price depends on size/commission.

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