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With Starr Fuentes & Jodi Serota

May 26th - 30th, 2016
The Divine Intervention Dome, Hot Springs Arkansas

Strengthen your core in this ground- breaking five-day event with two incredibly gifted & esteemed instructors. This Event will take place at Starr's beautiful geodesic dome in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This area is one of the best in the world for finding powerful crystals and is the perfect location for hosting this exciting class.
*  Pendulum Class with Starr  * Crystal Mining  * Hikes to Hot Springs Vortexes
 * Channelings from Jodi  * Crystal Certification  * Vibrational Sound Blast & Crystal Bowl Bath 
* Baths In Hot Springs Mineral Water 

Crystals are Solidified Light, Energy & Sound. Gaining the knowledge of using crystals appropriately will open the doors to multiple dimensions and realities that are not easily accessible. The Crystalline Core will provide you with the guidance of a crystal master who dwells in the lands where crystals grow. 

will teach you to become friends with crystals, informing you how to use and care for them. The deepest mysteries of crystals lie in their ability to work together. You'll learn to make grids of crystals, families of crystals, & the power of one crystal point. The crystal certification will consist of learning the types of crystals, elements of crystals, how to make grids with crystals, how to create a crystal altar, and the laying on of crystals. 
Jodi Serotais a master at taking crystalline energies & making them into audible sound waves. Jodi will vocalize the language of crystals; their sound, their light and their energy. You'll be bathed in sound until your crystalline core becomes apparent to you and everyone else. In your bodies, you have etheric crystals waiting to be awakened by an audible sound so they can serve your energy body. During this week, these crystals will come alive. Jodi provides us with an intense multidimensional experience to raise our vibratory rate, our frequency and the level of function of our body and soul.
Art Jacksonand a skilled Hot Spring's crystal mine owner will provide freshly unearthed collections of crystals for you to dig through and clean. A crystal miner of 30 years experience will speak to the group, and you'll be taken to dig at a prolific crystal mine.

With the Crystal Certification, you'll be taught intensive use of the pendulum. The pendulum will point you in appropriate directions, physically communicate for your spirit guides, and give you some of the best confirmations you'll ever receive. Several pendulum charts will be included. Utilizing the power of crystals and a lifetime's worth of combined experience, Starr Fuentes and Jodi Serota have organized this event to create an opportunity for powerful change in all participating students.

Investment - $1,100 (Conference includes lunches prepared by Chef Roy Sell.)

Call Jodi 212-736-0999 or Starr 501-609-0660 to register. Contact info@starrfuentes.com for lodging recommendations. 

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The Divine Intervention Dome, 
2818 Park Ave, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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